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Malicious mal-ware and trojan viruses are plaguing illegal tube sites and bit-torrent P2P sites making it a very risky proposition if you are thinking about downloading illegal content, but that's only part of the story.

Now many legal owners of the content being illegally distributed on the illegal tubes and bit torrent type sites are going after the sites...and the users. We are getting reports of sites being shut down or at the very least taken to court (please do a search of Pirate Bay for example) and the records are being seized with all users screen names and ip locations etc. so the Feds are actively pursuing people who download the content.

Recently a japanese man was tracked from the U.S. to Japan and he is now being sued for illegal downloads. There are many of these cases surfacing now, so we advise that you be very careful the next time you are considering bit torrents or illegal tubes on the net.

News Update March 27th, 2010 from an avid reader- "Limewire (another torrent, rapid file type sharing program) is simply a Peer to Peer program for file sharing. You can surely get a virus if the person you get a file from has it. Video files do not contain viruses. Neither do mp3 or jpg files. Viruses can be found in executable files (.exe) .dll files and a few other types."
Words you should live by!

News Update September 28, 2009 from Can Talk Tech: Red tube virus aka redtube virus or the redtube malware is considered as a variant of the sowar.vbs virus. Other symptoms of this red tube malware include hidden files and disabled registry and task manager. This is from another huge tube site called "Red Tube," further illustrating the inherent dangers in using these sites which can have very nasty malware and viruses at any given time.

News Update Aug 20, 2009 : Trojan virus and Malware vulnerability highest in FLASH FLV videos. WPN recently had an article stating that trojan viruses and other malicious programs are found most often in Flash videos related to ILLEGAL TUBE SITES and BIT TORRENT DOWNLOADS.

You don't have to worry about the videos you will find on Adult Video Buzz. We highly reccommend our award winning sponsor Hot Movies, who have been in the business for many years and currently have over 110,000 feature porn videos available on their site with NO monthly fees or hidden costs EVER!

Here is the Hot Movies FAQ for their video downloads-

Purchase Options


Pay Per Minute Video

From 8¢ Per Minute

Purchase a package of minutes and use them just as you would use a phone card. There is no monthly billing or any other charges. The more minutes you purchase the less expensive the cost.

Watch all or part of any movie. Go from movie to movie as often as you like. You can use your minutes from any computer at any location. You do not have to use all your minutes when you purchase them.

Come back whenever you want and your unused, remaining minutes will be in your account.

Tips for Using Your Minutes:

  • Use your minutes any way you want.
  • Watch all or parts of one movie or many movies.
  • Sample all or some of the many different kinds of content we offer.
  • Check out movies from your favorite studios.

Streaming Rental

Various Prices

A rental, which we define as a specific movie you want to watch for more than a few minutes, allows unlimited viewing for as many times as you want during the rental period.

We offer these rentals to customers who think they might enjoy a particular movie and want to watch it from beginning to end or watch it multiple times during the rental period.


Windows Media® Download

Various Pricing and Time Periods

A Windows Media® download allows unlimited viewing of a specific title from the hard drive of your home computer for as few as seven days or as long as thirty days. You get full screen, top quality viewing - similar to watching a DVD - and unlimited viewing for the download period. We also offer Unlimited Downloads and Download To Own, which are explained below.

Three Types of Downloads

  1. Normal Download: Pay a set amount for a specific number of days that the download is available to you.
  2. Unlimited Downloads This is a download you own forever. You download the movie to your computer's hard drive where it stays forever or until you delete it. You CANNOT burn or copy this movie to a DVD or CD.
  3. Download To Own This is the same as an Unlimited Download but you CAN burn or copy the movie from your hard drive to a CD or DVD.

Download Tips

There is only one disadvantage to Downloads. With a high-speed connection, full-length movies take between one to two and a half hours to download. Once you start the download process, you can still use your computer while the download proceeds. You can also usually watch the movie after it has started downloading after about five minutes. Windows Media Player downloads are not available for MAC users.

Once your download is complete, Windows Media Player saves the movie to your media library. To view any downloaded movies, simply open Windows Media Player and click the film you want to watch from the library. You do not need to be connected to the Internet to watch the movie! If you prefer to save the movie to a different location than the one offered by Windows Media Player, right click the link, choose "Save target as," and select your desired location.

Speeding Up Your Downloads

To make the download experience a little easier, you can also use a download manager or a quality FTP client.

We recommend these download managers: FlashGet from - advertising supported - $29.95 to remove ads.
PsFTP from - ftp client - free
WsFTP from - ftp client - $39.95

If you have any problems please contact us.
We normally respond within 24 hours.


DivX® Download

$9.95 for 7 Days | $14.95 for 30 Days

A DivX® download allows unlimited viewing of a specific title for a set number of days. When you watch these downloaded movies, you see them in the DivX® Player. This player gives you DVD quality. It displays the video at a much larger size than if you watched it through Internet Streaming. You will need to download the DivX® Player from first.


Own This Title (DVD or VHS)

Prices Vary

You can go to an online store we recommend where you can securely and discreetly purchase adult DVDs.


iPod® Downloads

Prices Vary

Download scenes of your favorite movies to your iPod® and watch them whenever you want.


Purchase Clips (scenes) from a Movie

Prices Vary

Use this option to go to our online clips store, where you can securely and discreetly purchase scenes from movies you want to keep in your personal library. You select and purchase the scenes you want, download the clip files to your computer, and keep them forever. This is a great way to build a library or add to your existing collection. We offer clips in a wide variety of file formats and resolutions. You choose what best suits your viewing needs. You can burn or copy the clips to CDs or DVDs if you desire.

We hope you enjoy Adult Video Buzz, and if you have any questions please contact us.

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